Photokina 2016: a must for action fans and photographers

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One is familiar with them, the images of muddy people who have just successfully completed an obstacle course grinning happily at the camera. The theme is booming in Germany. Competitions take place every weekend somewhere.
The in some cases venturesome obstacles are not only a challenge for the athletes. They also offer spectators spectacular images and photographers action motifs. photokina 2016 also wants to offer its visitors this experience and is thus organising the first indoor obstacle course in the world on the fair grounds: the INDOOR OBSTACLE CHALLENGE powered by Peugeot, from 23-25 September 2016 in hall 6.

« Dr. No », « Le Chiffre » and « Kristatos » – those who can feel the adrenaline pumping when thinking about these legendary James Bond villains already have an idea what it feels like to overcome obstacles with these resounding names: whether a climbing net at a height of 5 metres (Dr. No), wooden hurdle (Kristatos) or a half-pipe (Le Chiffre), courage, endurance and strength are required here. The course to be mastered by the participants of the INDOOR OBSTACLE CHALLENGE is 2.5 km long.

The course is organised and constructed by Faktor 4 Event Marketing GmbH, which has been already been organising the Strongman Run, the most successful obstacle course in the world, since 2007.

Crédit : Photokina

Be there live

By the way, one doesn’t need to be a star athlete to take part in the INDOOR OBSTACLE CHALLENGE. Nonetheless, a certain level of basic fitness and enjoyment of exercise helps with mastering the course, as do sport shoes and fitness clothing. Prior to the start, the participants can still be equipped with an action camera, in order to be able to record the special experience right up close. For spectators and photographers there are many viewing points on the course, and thus fantastic motifs for trying out the latest action cameras and functions.

Application and prices

The course will be open from 23-25.09.2016. The participants choose a time slot for their start when applying.

Those who are quick with the booking profit from a graduation of prices:
1st to 500th applicant – 25 Euro entry fee incl. day ticket for photokina as of 500 applicants – 25.00 Euro entry fee plus 4.99 Euro for day ticket for photokina)

Application is only possible online:

The wild ride starts

Those who would prefer to avoid the physical exertion of an obstacle course, but who are still looking for an adrenaline kick, shouldn’t miss a ride on the « Avenger » on the grounds outdoors. The action cam is also a must here.

Crédit : Photokina

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